KIX - Cool Kids (Silver Metallic Vinyl/Gatefold Cover)

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Available on November 25th, 2023 for Record Store Day Black Friday. Available at participating RSD stores in North America only.

Friday Music celebrates four decades of KIX's second album, the classic "Cool Kids" for the first time ever on metallic silver vinyl. For over 4 decades, these Hagerstown, Maryland hard rockers toured consistently, recording a plethora of great albums, playing successful major tours as well being featured on hard rock festivals playing to jam-packed audiences the world over.

For Kix's second album, "Cool Kids" features fan favorites like "Burning Love" "Loco-Emotion" and "Restless Blood" making this a go-to album for hair band enthusiasts since its release back in 1983.

Produced by the legendary Pete Solley (Motorhead/Whitesnake/Procol Harum) and mastered by Joe Reagoso from the Atlantic Records tapes, this is the first time this album has been on vinyl in decades!

As a further enhancement for your Kix experience, we are also including an exclusive First Time Gatefold Cover Art presentation!

Track List

  1. Burning Love
  2. Cool Kids
  3. Love Pollution
  4. Body Talk
  5. Loco-Emotion
  6. Mighty Mouth
  7. Nice On Ice
  8. Get Your Monkeys Out
  9. For Shame
  10. Restless Blood

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