Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human (180 Gram Translucent Yellow Audiophile Vinyl/Limited Edition)

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  • The Todd Rundgren/ Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series Continues!!!
  • Celebrate 3 Decades Of His 1989 Masterwork "Nearly Human"
  • First Time 180 Gram Translucent Yellow Audiophile Vinyl
  • Includes Long Out Of Print Original Lp Cover Art & Lyrics Inner Sleeve
  • Mastered Impeccably From The Original Warner Music Tapes By Long Time Todd Rungren Associate Joe Reagoso
  • Features Top #15 Hit "The Want Of A Nail" Featuring Bobby Womack Plus "Can't Stop Runnin'" Featuring Utopia & More Classics "Parallel Lines" "The Waiting Game" & "Fidelity"
  • Guest Artists Include: Utopia (Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton, Willie Wilcox) - The Tubes (Prairie Prince, Vince Welnick, Bill Spooner) - Michael Narada Walden - Randy Jackson - Mr. Big (Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert) - Clarence Clemmons

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Track List

Side 1
  1. The Want Of A Nail
  2. The Waiting Game
  3. Parallel Lines
  4. Unloved Children
  5. Can't Stop Running
Side 2
  1. Fidelity
  2. Feel It
  3. Hawking
  4. I Love My Life

Additional Details 


1989’s "Nearly Human" finds Todd Rundgren closing out the decade with one of his many crowning achievements during his long and successful association with the Warner Music Group. Undoubtedly one of the finest multi-instrumentalists, vocalist, songwriter and producers of our time, for this session, Todd confides with some of his great friends like Utopia, members of The Tubes and Mr. Big, Bourgeois Tagg, Clarence Clemmons, Randy Jackson, Michael Narada Walden and the soul legend Bobby Womack, making this album an enjoyable feast to the heart and soul of his fans now for over three decades since its release.

Starting things off with a surprise Top #15 rock hit with the stellar "The Want Of A Nail", Rundgren brought the late great Bobby Womack to lend his magic vocals on this soul laden rocker. Complete with a heavy duty string orchestra, horns and a choral of fine vocalists, the recording truly tells the listener that this is going to be one interesting journey.

Avid listeners are always drawn to his soulful uptempo ballads, he delivers the goods with some of his finest writings like his brilliantly crafted "Parallel Lines" and "The Waiting Game." With very intricate harmonies on both tunes, and top rank musicians abounding, these songs are a welcomed addition to this masterwork.

A brief reunion with Utopia is always a great thing, and this album lends itself to the wonderful second single from the album "Can’t Stop Runnin’." The track was a radio and fan favorite as its funk infused rhythm and guitarist Lyle Workman’s solo continues to thrill as another heartbeat of this album.

"Fidelity" is another fine ballad that has all the soulful ingredients that continue to make Todd’s artistry second to none. With slight echoes of his "Healing" era, the tune has a very memorable line that runs through “If there’s one sacred place always in your heart for me…”

The artists revisits his "Love Bomb" collaboration with The Tubes on "Feel It." Filled with those amazing background vocals, string and horn arrangements as before, plus a soaring sax break from Bobby Strickland and the powerful bass lines from Randy Jackson, the tune continues with Todd’s strong vocals and accompaniment from Tubes alumni Prairie Prince and the late Vince Welnick.

With a nod possibly to an old "Todd" favorite he sings “Who knows, I might dream forever…” on the powerful ballad "Hawking", as he closes out the "Nearly Human" adventure with his epic "I Love My Life" a gospel tinged affair featuring a who’s who of musicians featuring choir master Michael Narada Walden.

The vinyl LP version "Nearly Human" has been out of print for many years......that is until now! Friday Music is very pleased once again to offer you another Todd Rundgren first time audiophile vinyl classic with his 1989 masterpiece "Nearly Human"

To further enhance your Todd Rundgren experience, "Nearly Human" will be pressed for a very limited time on striking 180 Gram Translucent Yellow Audiophile Vinyl.

Impeccably mastered from the original Warner Records tapes by long time Todd Rundgren associate Joe Reagoso, this super limited edition Lp will also include the original LP graphics from the long out of print album, original lyric inner sleeve art, as well as new commentary from Todd Rundgren, further enhancing your listening enjoyment

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