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The legendary rock superstars America burst onto the rock music scene in the early seventies with their much revered classic debut America (Friday Music 9001) featuring A Horse With No Name which forever changed the fortunes of this very popular rock trio. After three very successful albums and top charting pop and album rock singles, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek delivered their stunning masterpiece Holiday. Produced by the legendary George Martin (The Beatles), this 1974 platinum plus LP was filled with a generous helping of their most popular hit singles and album tracks including number ones like Tin Man, Lonely People and stellar album tracks like Old Man Took, Hollywood and Another Try. The twelve track masterwork became one of the most popular albums in America's career, as Holiday went on to collect multi-platinum accolades since its release. The original vinyl version has not been available for decades...that is until now! As another installment in our America 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series, Friday Music is very honored to announce for the very first time on audiophile vinyl Holiday by America. Mastered impeccably from the original Warner Bros. tapes by Joe Reagoso (America/Doobie Brothers/Yes), this amazing rock classic truly shines in the audiophile vinyl domain. Original vinyl mixes of their classic hit singles and solid album tracks truly resonate with the listener. To enhance your limited edition LP, we have also included a first time gatefold cover presentation, which include all the original song lyrics and inner sleeve artwork not seen in years. Both a poly bag for the LP cover and a poly lined sleeve are also included to protect your 180 Gram vinyl purchase for years of enjoyment.

The beautiful 180 Gram Audiophile sounds of America continue with their mega classic Holiday...

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Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man...