Chicago - Chicago VIII (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Limited Anniversary Edition/Gatefold Cover)

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  • Celebrate 4 Decades Of Their #1 Masterpiece Chicago Vii
  • Mastered Impeccably By Joe Reagoso And Rock Hall Of Famer Lee Loughnane From Chicago
  • Smash Singles: Old Days, Harry Trumam & Brand New Love Affair *On Tour Now!

Track List

Side 1:
1.Anyway You Want
2.Brand New Love Affair, Part I & II
3.Never Been in Love Before
5.Till We Meet Again

Side 2:
1.Harry Truman
2.Oh, Thank You Great Spirit
3.Long Time No See
4.Ain’t It Blue?
5.Old Days


Additional Details

Chicago VIII was one of Rock Hall Of Famers' Chicago’s biggest selling albums in a long line of multi-platinum smash albums which began in 1969. Featuring the original award winning line-up of Robert Lamm (lead vocals/keyboards), Peter Cetera (lead vocals/bass), Terry Kath (lead vocals/lead guitar), the legendary horns of James Pankow (trombone), Lee Loughnane (trumpet), Walter Parazaider (saxophone/woodwinds), Danny Seraphine (drums), plus Laudir de Oliveira (percussion), Chicago VII is undoubtedly one of their best selling albums of the seventies and also one of the most revered offerings in their huge catalog.

Buoyed by the success of huge hit singles like Old Days and Brand New Love Affair, Chicago filled this recording session up with so many great songs, it could be its own greatest hits collection. Further smashes like the powerful Anyway You Want and the stellar late Terry Kath's Till We Meet Again, all truly make this fine album even more of a treasure trove of classic rock enjoyment.

It’s been several decades since the rare original vinyl version of Chicago VII has been available…that is until now! Friday Music is very honored to continue the CHICAGO 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL SERIES with their #1 top charting masterpiece Chicago VIII. Mastered impeccably from the original Chicago Records master tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA, along with Chicago’s Lee Loughnane, this album is truly a thrilling first time audiophile vinyl release.

For this special limited anniversary edition, we have also included the original Lp cover in a first time gatefold style featuring the rare poster artwork now included as part of the inside gatefold art, further enhancing all the great music you will always remember from this historic release.

Chicago VIII from Chicago…on impeccable 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl… exclusively from your friends at Friday Music…..Old Days!

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