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Elvis Aaron Presley was born during the Great Depression into a poor family in Mississippi. Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of ELVIS PRESLEY's Historic #1 Lp-Televised Concert from 1973. They moved to Memphis during the early fifties, and as a struggling young truck driver, he cut some demos at Sun Studios as a gift for his beloved mother Gladys. These initial songs, of which he had only paid a few dollars to record, would become the catalyst that would kick-start the beginnings of a soon to be worldwide superstar unlike the world has ever known. 

The folks at RCA Victor knew that this young fellow named Elvis was destined for superstardom. They quickly bought out his contract and signed the legend to a long-term deal, and his first RCA single Heartbreak HotelóÂl forever etched "The King Of Rock And Roll" trademark to his name.

Over the next three decades, Elvis Presley would release dozens of hit albums and tons of smash singles, spend time in the Army, star in over 35 top charting films, as well as sell out concert tours around the states and Canada making him the most successful solo artist of all time. In 1968, his career ignited even further thanks to his Elvis TV Special on NBC and another series of hit singles and career making albums like his country soul smash From Elvis In Memphis (Friday Music 4155).

As the seventies began, Elvis was selling out shows all around the country and began to plan out a series of groundbreaking performances in Hawaii. His show on January 14, 1973 was broadcast live via satellite across over forty countries and would become the most watched televised event by a solo artist in history. It's been said that over one billion viewers enjoyed his incredible concert! The show was choreographed and staged like nothing ever before and featured a multitude of musicians, the Hawaiian Islands, the appreciative and excited audience, and of course, The King Of Rock And Roll - Elvis Presley.

The multi-platinum Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite set also was a blockbuster as it hit the top number one spot on the charts in 1973, making this one of the biggest albums of his career as well as one of the most revered live concert albums of all time proving once again Elvis Presley's career was unlike any other in music history. In honor of the Man, the Music, the Legend, the King Of Rock And Roll, Friday Music is very proud and honored to announce the limited edition deluxe two album 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl release of the RCA Victor classic Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite by Elvis Presley.

As we further continue our exciting Elvis Presley 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series, we are pleased to present this masterwork in all its high fidelity glory. Mastered impeccably from the original stereophonic RCA Victor Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and manufactured at R.T.I., the 40th Anniversary Edition of Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite will be a much anticipated audiophile dream release for Elvis fans everywhere! 

Elvis Presley's.... Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite, a history making television performance and live concert album from a historic legend, an audiophile dream release....original die-cut gatefold cover.....is now an audiophile vinyl dream come true....From your friends at Friday Music....Stay tuned for more Elvis Presley original RCA Records audiophile recordings from Friday Music.