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The legendary Bay area rock superstars the Grateful Dead scored for over four decades a plethora of wonderful recordings throughout their incredible career. Spearheaded originally by the late great Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kruetzmann and the late Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, these ve gentlemen set the world on re with their magni cent artistry and musicianship unparalleled to this day.

With their very rst San Francisco live gigs and when they were locally known as The Warlocks, the historical importance of these debut concert recordings would soon become a blueprint for the music world as the Grateful Dead would become one of the biggest concert attractions of all time.

Over a decade ago, the Grateful Dead unearthed 14 super rare live recordings from the mid-sixties. None of these recordings were ever previously released at the time. Recorded in San Francisco from a July 1966 performance, when they were signed to the Scorpio Records label, this ultra rare concert tape simply became manna for the fans and was truly a nd for any collector of ne rock and roll and early psych and garage rock fare.

Dead fan favorite Viola Lee Blues kicks off the rare collection, and then the reworks light up as future Grateful Dead classics like Don’t Ease Me In and the stellar Jimmy Reed classic Big Boss Man truly become a very important and interesting listen to any fan of the Dead or classic rock in general.

Known for their jams in concert, you will get to hear stellar takes on rare blues tracks like One Kind Favor, Next Time You See Me and of course their super rare Bob Dylan interpretation of It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, which would be an interesting choice not knowing there would be future collaborations with Dylan in both of their important later careers.

Even superlative covers of Otis Redding’s Pain In My Heart and the Slim Harpo blues champion I’m A King Bee are included in this amazingly important and historic rock release from this much loved band.

These Grateful Dead recordings have never been released on the vinyl format that is until now...

Friday Music is very pleased to announce for the very rst time on 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl – The Grateful Dead’s Birth Of The Dead Volume Two-The Live Sides. This deluxe 2 LP set not only has the original 14 live performances unearthed by the Dead themselves, but it also includes for the very first time anywhere several unearthed photos from the lens of the legendary Herb Greene. These rst time issued photos show the very rst sittings of the Grateful Dead and will make your listening hours that much more enjoyable as you stare at the brilliant pictures of your favorite rockers in this very special era.

As a further installment in the exclusive and authorized Grateful Dead Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series, this ne album is part of a historical two part audiophile vinyl series along with the Birth Of The Dead Volume One-The Studio Sessions which was released in late 2013.

Mastered impeccably for vinyl by Joe Reagoso (Grateful Dead) at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA, this limited edition audiophile version of Birth Of The Dead Volume Two-The Live Sides will truly be a welcome addition to your Dead collection. Grateful Dead...Birth Of The Dead Volume Two-The Live Sides...a historic album... rst time release in the audiophile domain...only from your friends at Friday Music...Don’t Ease Me In...

Side 11

  1. Viola Lee Blues

  2. Don’t Ease Me In

  3. Pain In My Heart

Side 2

  1. Sitting on Top of the World
  2. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
  3. I’m a King Bee

Side 3

1. Big Boss Man

2. Standing on the Corner

  1. In the Pines

  2. Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Side 4

  1. Next Time You See Me
  2. One Kind Favor
  3. He Was a Friend of Mine
  4. Keep Rolling By