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The legendary Australian supergroup INXS recorded a plethora of top charting albums and hit singles during their long tenure at Atlantic and ATCO Records. It was these groundbreaking recordings that bolstered a career that has now lasted for over three decades.


Featuring the powerful lead vocals of the late great Michael Hutchence, the thump of Garry Gary Beers on bass guitar, the multi-instrumentalist Andrew Farriss on guitars/keyboards, the percussive Jon Farriss on drums, the rockin’ Tim Farris on guitar, and the classic saxophone and guitar sound of Kirk Pengilly, INXS were and still are one of the hottest bands in the business.

Always mainstays at the rock, modern rock and alternative formats of radio, INXS also enjoyed massive pop radio airplay, as they scored a big number of chart singles in all the pop and dance formats. Progressive in every facet of their career, INXS collectively would go on to compose memorable rock tunes, develop interesting studio recording techniques for each album, as well as tour extensively over the years, making them one of the most successful recording acts of all time.


One of their first massively popular albums, Shabooh Shoobah was a groundbreaking venture for the band back in 1982. Kicking off with their new wave anthem rock smash The One Thing, the song truly resonated with the times and immediately helped INXS develop their fan base both here and abroad further. More rock of the 80’s tracks like the powerfully rhythmic Soul Mistake, the slamming Golden Playpen and the follow-up single smash Don’t Change also became major contenders, taking this album into the upper rungs of the rock and pop album charts. This time honored new wave classic would go on to become a truly enduring album in INXS’s huge catalog of music.


Their follow-up smash album The Swing netted another chart success for the Australian superstars as they recorded probably one of the more progressively advanced sounding albums at the time. Mixing it up with funk, dance, modern rock and electronic elements, The Swing kicked things off with the classic dance rocker Original Sin. This worldwide smash single featured the production chops of the legendary Nile Rogers (David Bowie, David Lee Roth, Chic, Madonna) making it one of the most important songs in their repertoire. Even special guest superstar Daryl Hall is featured throughout on background vocals. More INXS brilliance continues this listening party with gems like the masterful new wave classic Burn For You, the dance floor rockers - Send A Message and Melting In The Sun - keeping this album on the sales and radio charts for the better part of 1984.


Both of these classic INXS albums have been out of print for several years now in North America....that is until now. Relayer Friday Music are very proud to continue our extensive INXS Original Master Series with their modern rock masterpieces Shabooh Shoobah and The Swing - both now on one stunning compact disc! Impeccably mastered from the original Atlantic tapes by Joe Reagoso (INXS/David Bowie/Hall & Oates), these two INXS classics sound as stellar and brilliant as you remember them.


Stay tuned to the Relayer Friday Music label for more classic INXS titles in the very near future.....

INXS....Shabooh Shoobah and The Swing...together for the first time on one impeccable compact disc.....mastered from the original tapes....only from your friends at Relayer Friday Music


Shabooh Shoobah

1-The One Thing

2-To Look At You

3-Spy Of Love

4-Soul Mistake

5-Here Comes

6-Black And White

7-Golden Playpen

8-Jan’s Song

9-Old World New World

10-Don’t’ Change


The Swing

11 – Original Sin

12 – Melting In The Sun

13 – I Send A Message

14 – Dancing On The Jetty

15 – The Swing

16 – Johnson’s Aeroplane

17 – Love Is (What I Say)

18 – Face The Change

19 – Burn For You

20 – All The Voices