Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash Family Christmas LP

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With 1963's The Christmas Spirit , Johnny Cash created one of the most revered holiday and inspirational hit albums of all time. The LP features Johnny's stellar I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day plus Here Was A Man & Christmas As I Knew It, plus more like Blue Christmas and impressive readings of Silent Night, Holy Night, truly making the album a groundbreaking effort for this sorely missed legend.

Track List

Side One:

  1. Opening Dialogue-Johnny Cash
  2. King of Love
  3. Dialogue– Johnny Cash
  4. Jingle Bells –Johnny Cash
  5. Dialogue – Johnny Cash
  6. That Christmasy Feeling
  7. Dialogue– Johnny Cash
  8. My Merry Christmas Song
  9. Dialogue– Johnny Cash
  10. Merry Christmas Mary

Side Two:

  1. Dialogue – Johnny Cash
  2. Christmas Time’s A-Comin’
  3. Dialogue – Johnny Cash
  4. Christmas With You
  5. Christmas As I Knew It
  6. Dialogue – Johnny Cash
  7. When you’re Twenty-One
  8. Dialogue – Johnny Cash
  9. Old Fashioned Tree
  10. Dialogue– Johnny Cash
  11. Silent Night

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