RANDY MEISNER | RANDY MEISNER CD (Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master)

RANDY MEISNER | RANDY MEISNER CD (Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master)

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Randy Meisner is one of the most accomplished singer, songwriter and master musicians that ever graced the recording industry. As a founding member of The Eagles, as well as his groundbreaking work with Rick Nelson, Poco and many others superstar outings, his continuing impact on the rock music scene is immeasurable.

Upon leaving The Eagles after the hugely successful Hotel California album, a few years later Randy delivered a treasure trove of great tunes with his dynamic solo album Randy Meisner.

Featuring the single hits I Really Want You Hear Tonight and Heart Song, as well as more rockin' classics like his big hit Bad Man (featured in the FM Soundtrack), the stellar nod to Gene Pitney It Hurts To Be In Love and the stunning revisit of his Eagles' hit of Take It To The Limit, all truly making this one of the finest sounding albums of the classic rock era.

Randy brought his years of solid musicianship and vocal expertise for the twelve song masterwork, which has been out of print for many yearsó_..until now.

Friday Music is very pleased to announce the newly original recording master compact disc release of Randy Meisner. Impeccably mastered by Joe Reagoso (Bernie Leadon/Don Felder/Joe Walsh) this limited edition cd also contains more favorites like Daughter Of The Sky, Lonesome Cowgirl and Every Other Day.

Produced by Alan Bracket (The Peanut Butter Conspiracy) and featuring a plethora of legendary musicians and J.D. Souther, David Cassidy, Ernie Watts, Byron Berline, Victor Feldman and Marty Paich, this impeccably mastered Randy Meisner cd will become one of the highlight classic rock reissues this season.

For a very limited time, we are also enhancing your listening enjoyment with the original classic Lp cover elements, which haven't been available for years. 

Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the original Asylum Records tapes at Friday Music Studios, the classic revisit of Randy Meisner will be one of the more anticipated classic singer/songwriter albums in some time. 

Celebrate 4 Decades of the voice, the songs, the musicianship and the memories of Randy Meisner's debut solo masterpiece Randy Meisneró_.original recording impeccably masteredó_.An exclusiveó_.Only from your friends at Friday Music.


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