The Byrds - UNTITLED Vinyl

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The Byrds were truly a gift to rock music fans all over the world. Their amazing sound and membership is of legendary proportion, as it truly was shown in 1972 with their brilliant comeback album Untitled. Untitled was a great Byrds album in that you get a greatest hits concert album featuring a plethora of their big hits as well as a sensational studio masterpiece featuring nine new tracks including the stirring hit single Chestnut Mare.

For the concert side, you get seven classic rock champions like So You Want to Be a Rock n Roll Star, Mr. Spaceman and Mr. Tambourine Man plus an entire side two taken up by the amazing workout on Eight Miles High. The nine track studio sides feature some of the finest Byrds tracks ever like Just a Season, Take a Whiff on Me and Hungry Planet, which all made this a very important album when it hit the airwaves and retail four decades ago. With the lead vocals and unmistakable 12-string guitar work of Roger McGuinn, the lead guitar and vocal work of the late great Clarence White, the solid bass playing and vocal work of the late Skip Battin, along with the powerful drums of Gene Parsons, The Byrds became a force to reckon with like no other. Cultivating their folk and rock influences into psychedelic electric treasures, their music will forever stand the test of time.

Track List

  1. Lover Of The Bayou
  2. Positively 4th Street
  3. Nashville West
  4. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star
  5. Mr. Tambourine Man
  6. Mr. Spaceman
  7. Eight Miles High
  8. Chestnut Mare
  9. Truck Stop Girl
  10. All The Things
  11. Yesterday's Train
  12. Hungry Planet
  13. Just A Season
  14. Take A Whiff
  15. You All Look Alike
  16. Well Come Back Home

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