The Cars - Greatest Hits Vinyl

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Although it has different artwork, this 20-track set of the Cars' biggest hits is exactly the same, right down to the same running order, as Rhino's Complete Greatest Hits package from 2002, which means it has everything the casual fan might want, including the perfect radio singles "Just What I Needed," "My Best Friend's Girl," "You're All I've Got Tonight," and "Shake It Up." More serious fans might want to go deeper, but The Cars were essentially a singles band, and the group's peak material is here.

Track List 

  1. Just What I Needed
  2. My Best Friend's Girl
  3. Good Times Roll
  4. You're All I've Got Tonight
  5. Bye Bye Love
  6. Moving in Stereo
  7. Let's Go
  8. It's All I Can Do
  9. Dangerous Type
  10. Touch and Go
  11. Shake It Up
  12. Since You're Gone
  13. I'm Not the One
  14. You Might Think
  15. Drive
  16. Magic
  17. Hello Again
  18. Why Can't I Have You
  19. Tonight She Comes
  20. You Are the Girl

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