The Monkees - Headquarters Stack-O-Tracks (180 Gram Audiophile Clear Vinyl/50th Anniversary Edition)

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  • The Summer Of Love's First Album ....Re-visited, .Re-imagined...
  • The Monkees Headquarters/ Stack-o-tracks
  • The Original Instrumental Backing Tracks To Their Most Celebrated Album
  • First Time 180 Gram Audiophile Clear Vinyl Release
  • First Time Authorized Alternate Artwork
  • Mastered Impeccably By Monkees Fan & Friend Joe Reagoso At Friday Music Studios & Capitol Mastering, Hollywood, Ca From The Colgems Record Tapes
  • Yes...The Monkees Could Play Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano, Steel Guitar, Organ, Banjo, Tambourine, Percussion.....And Play Them Well!!!
  • Micky Dolenz On Tour Throughout 2017-2018


Track List

Side One

  1. You Told Me (Instrumental Backing Track)
  2. I'll Spend My Life with You (Instrumental Backing Track)
  3. Forget That Girl (Instrumental Backing Track)
  4. Band 6
  5. You Just May Be the One (Instrumental Backing Track)
  6. Shades of Gray (Instrumental Backing Track)
  7. I Can't Get Her Off My Mind (Instrumental Backing Track)

Side Two

  1. For Pete's Sake (Instrumental Backing Track)
  2. Mr. Webster (Instrumental Backing Track)
  3. Sunny Girlfriend (Instrumental Backing Track)
  4. Zilch- Peter
  5. Zilch -Davy
  6. Zilch- Micky
  7. Zilch- Michael
  8. No Time (Instrumental Backing Track)
  9. Early Morning Blues and Green (Instrumental Backing Track)
  10. Randy Scouse Git (Instrumental Backing Track)



Additional Details


In 1967 after two number one albums, a plethora of hit singles and a smash television show, The Monkees were on top and knew they each had true musical talents not championed by their label executives. Michael Nesmith spearheaded a change in direction before sessions began on their legendary Headquarters album. This action resulted in the much covered dissolution with music mogul Don Kirshner, as Chip Douglas (The Turtles) was now recruited by Nesmith to work with the band. In rapid succession, things began to fall into place in February 1967. With initial tracks like country rocker “Sunny Girlfriend”, the band set the stage for what would become one of the most loved works in their catalog and one of the finest rock albums of a generation. A definite album opener, “You Told Me” begins “Headquarters.” The track features a brilliant 12 string guitar of Nesmith, as Tork’s incredible banjo fills the track alongside Dolenz’s driving drum work. With Jones’ percussion, it became the very first song that many of us remember as we opened up our new copies back in the summer of ’67. Not straying too far from previous success, the band scored a few more of Boyce and Hart compositions like Micky Dolenz’s folk rock ballad “I’ll Spend My Life With You. “The solid steel guitar work of Mike Nesmith became somewhat of a precursor to his groundbreaking Nashville sessions in the late sixties. Davy Jones has several watershed moments here with both “Forget That Girl” and “Early Morning Blues and Greens” “Forget That Girl” employs a unique English northern soul vibe, while the latter shares a wonderful rhythm presentation making it one of the more psychedelic infused and standout tracks on the LP. Michael Nesmith’s handiwork is radiant on the entire album. “You May Just Be The One” rocks the album into full gear and makes it one of his and the bands’ definitive landmark tracks. “Headquarters” also brought rightful acclaim to Peter Tork, as his first recorded Monkees’ song “For Pete’s Sake” soon became a prolific standard. The song transcended with the times and became one of the more insightful tunes from the quartet. It also replaced the familiar “Monkees Theme” at the end of season two, giving the song more TV exposure over the years. And as always, you can count on Micky Dolenz to deliver – whether it’s his hard rock driving drum work on rockers like “Randy Scouse Git” & “No Time”, or his prog-rock feel on “Mr. Webster”, the album was definitely a great showcase for the artist. The Monkees’ “Headquarters” was one of 4 albums of The Monkees that topped the charts in 1967. This fact alone is enough to warrant the importance of this album in musical history. But there are other amazing feats that Headquarters managed to deliver to millions of fans on its eventful release back in May of 1967. The album hit the stores before “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles. Friendly rivals as they were, “Headquarters” rose to number one and also opened the door to The Summer of Love. It remained in the upper rung of the retail charts until their fourth platter “Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.” (FRM-104) became a number one album to close out the year. Wow! Most notably, “Headquarters” showed the real world the transition of four talented guys on a hit TV show evolving into a self-produced, self-reliant, and one of the most loved bands in musical history, and yes, they could actually play their instruments….and they did it well!

As another installment in our extensive Monkees catalog, Friday Music is pleased to announce a unique revisit to their third masterwork as we’ve now gone back to the original backing tracks and have assembled a fun and exciting instrumental Lp with The Monkees “Headquarters Stack-O-Tracks.” For this limited edition Friday Music release, we are pleased to offer for the first time on vinyl, the rare backing instrumental backing tracks, newly and impeccably mastered by Joe Reagoso (The Monkees/Brian Wilson) from the original Colgems Records masterwork.
Joe Reagoso notes “You’ve never heard ‘Shades Of Gray’ until you hear the strings up front like you will on this new vinyl release. Michael Nesmith’s work on ‘You May Just Be The One’ is beyond thrilling, you feel like you are in the studio with the band as they knock this and other Monkees classics. From beginning to end, song after song, we always knew how special Headquarter was, and now this further showcases the artistry and musical acumen each man brought to the sessions. Truly an a crowning achievement.” To further enhance your Monkees listening enjoyment, we are also pressing the limited edition album on clear 180 Gram audiophile vinyl, as well as including a revisit to the original album cover artwork, now with the rare Monkees beard photo not issued on vinyl in many years, and first time authorized colorization effects to the original artwork to celebrate fifty years of this classic rock album for the fans. 1967 …..The Summer Of Love……A very hip time in our American culture you can now relive with these newly impeccably mastered recordings from the much loved band that broke a lot of ground in a very short time…and made the world a much better place for it… The Monkees… "Headquarters … Stack-O- Tracks" … Only From Your Friends At Friday Music!

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