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There aren't too many albums like Days Of Future Passed, and then again, there aren't too many bands with theiconic power and legacy of The Moody Blues. Initially a British pop/rock outfit scoring instant successin 1964 withGo Now, the band re-grouped in 1967 and let's just say Days Of Future Passed changed not only the band'sfortunes, but also the way many of us would go on to listen to music forever.

With the addition of new bassist John Lodge and a tip from friend Eric Burdon on guitarist Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas, Graeme Edge and Mike Pinder soon moved the five guys to the outskirts of Paris and Belgium and seriously sat down and systematically wrote and devised the beginnings of not only their new band direction, but the rudiments of Days Of Future Passed.

Written to be a stage show about the day in the life of a person, The Moody Blues artistically and creatively wrote the thematic songs and worked them into concert form months before they were even signed to a label. While playing the songs out live in the nightclubs, they built a zest for the new songs and knew that they had something special which would only lead them down paths never in their wildest dreams (that's another upcoming album).

Newly signed to Deram Records, the parent company Decca in the U.K. was looking for their quintet to record alongside an orchestra to create an audio demonstration album for the Deram label sales reps to use at retail shops. They initially thought Dvorak's New World Symphony would be recorded and asked the band to add their rock sound to the classic work. The band told them yes but they needed five days in the studio to work out parts, and when they came back to the label heads with the psychedelic rock and symphonic classic Days In The Future Passed and not the symphony they hired them for, it began what we could say the birth of progressive rock.

The Moody Blues Days In The Future Passed was an artistic and crowning achievement for the ages. Culled from it were two hit singles with Tuesday Afternoon and the monumental Nights In White Satin, which not only charted in 1967 but then again in 1972 when the album and the single reached the top of the charts, thanks to the endless touring, an incredible string of classic rock smash albums, and the strength of the material from a 1967 masterwork which will forever last in the journals of rock and popular music.

Friday Music is very proud to announce The Moody Blues 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with our first installment of their mind blowing classic Days Of Future Passed. Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the original Deram Records tapes, this limited edition classic will be a much welcomed and important addition to your collection.

As an added treat to celebrate the 45th Anniversary Edition of this legendary Moody Blues album, the artwork will be presented in a first time gatefold cover making this a feast for the ears as well as for the eyes.

So let's celebrate together the 45th Anniversary of the legendary Moody Blues masterpiece Days Of Future Passed. First time 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl with a stunning gatefold cover.....from your friends at Friday Music.....Breathe Deep The Gathering Gloom!