The Trammps - The Best Of The Trammps - Disco Inferno LP Vinyl

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  • The Trammps / Friday Music Dance Party Begins!
  • The Anniversary Release Of Their Stunning Greatest Hits Album
  • Impeccably Mastered By Joe Reagoso At Friday Music Studios & Capitol Mastering
  • First Time Audiophile Vinyl & Original Lp Cover Presentation
  • Featuring The Smash Hits Disco Inferno & Where The Happy People Go

Track List

Side 1:
  1. Disco Inferno
  2. The Night The Lights Went Out
  3. That's Where The Happy People Go
  4. Hooked For Life
Side 2:
  1. Disco Party
  2. Soul Searchin' Time
  3. Body Contact Contract
  4. I Feel Like I've Been Livin' (On The Dark Side Of The Moon)
  5. Seasons For Girls


Additional Details

The Trammps are truly one of the greatest r&b, dance and pop recording acts of all time. Originally formed in the early 70’s, this Philly quintet continues to thrive on the international music scene with their plethora of fine albums and continuous tours enlightening millions.

After years of solid hit singles and great albums with Atlantic Records, the label awarded the superstars with their own greatest hits collection simply titled "The Best Of The Trammps", containing their biggest hits like the huge smash "Disco Inferno" which was also featured in the groundbreaking "Saturday Night Fever."

The multi-platinum superstars continues this awesome collection with more hits like "The Night The Lights Went Out" and of course their stellar dance floor classic "Where The Happy People Go."

Their knack for balladry also scored the soulful five with another hit single with "Seasons For Girls", which is also featured in the stunning collection.

Friday Music is no stranger to the music of the legendary Trammps, that is why we are so very proud to announce our first installment in The Trammps/Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with their masterpiece The Best Of The Trammps.

The original Atlantic Records classic is now mastered impeccably by Joe "Philly Soul" Reagoso (Earth, Wind & Fire/ The Spinners) and pressed for a very limited time on stellar 180 Gram Audiophile vinyl. This first time anniversary release will also be presented in its revered long out of print Lp cover.

The Trammps…."The Best Of The Trammps"…..Impeccable first time audiophile vinyl….From Your Friends at Friday Music!

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