Tommy Bolin - Northern Lights - Live 9-22-76 + Bonus Tracks (Original Recording Remastered)

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As Tommy Bolin was really building himself and his new band The Tommy Bolin Band into new and exciting territory, Bolin was able to capture a lot of his live and studio workings into the rare collective known as The Tommy Bolin Archives, and this leads us to the long anticipated release of his amazing 1976 Boston concert Northern Lights.

Noted for his stellar guitar work, pretty much introducing new ways of using technique, distortion and effects to a whole new generation of guitar players, Northern Lights is truly a primer for a ton of rock and blues artists.

Check out his dynamic prowess on hits "Teaser", "Post Toastee", and the hard rockin' "You Told Me That You Loved Me".

Never forgetting progressive roots, Tommy and the band excel on the Bolin classic Wild Dogs. Plus his rock and reggae classic People People show a glimpse of what this superstar was capable of and the promise that he truly had before his untimely loss in 1976.

Friday Music is no stranger to the music of the legendary Tommy Bolin, with his arsenal of fine recordings already on our label.

Track List 

  1. Teaser
  2. People People
  3. You told me that you loved Me
  4. Wild Dogs
  5. Shake the Devil
  6. Post Toastee
  7. Homeward Strut
  8. Teaser (Acoustic Demo)
  9. Wild Dogs (Acoustic Demo)
  10. Post Toastee (Acoustic Demo)

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