Brownsville Station - Yeah! featuring "Smokin' In The Boys Room" (Clear Red Vinyl/Limited Edition)

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  • Celebrate 5 Decades of Brownsville Station's classic power rock masterwork "Yeah!"
  • Featuring the global hit single "Smokin' In The Boys Room"
  • Over 2 Million Units in Sales
  • Stunning Gold Vinyl presentation
  • Original Big Tree LP cover artwork restored
  • Featured Tracks: "Smokin' In The Boys Room" "Sweet Jane" "Love, Love, Love" "Lightning Bar Blues" and "Take It Or Leave It"
  • Brownsville Station: Cub Koda, Mike Lutz and Henry "H Bomb" Weck

Track List

Side 1

  1. Question Of Temperature
  2. Lightnin' Bar Blues'
  3. Take It Or Leave It
  4. All Night Long
  5. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah

Side 2

  1. Sweet Jane
  2. Love, Love, Love
  3. Go Out And Get Her
  4. Barefootin'
  5. Smokin' In The Boys Room

Additional Details

In 1973, Ann Arbor, Michigan hard rockers Brownsville Station hit big on the singles charts with their #3 smash hit "Smokin' In The Boys Room." The power pop/punk classic single would go on to become one of the biggest records of the year, affording them rock star status as the single would sell over 2 million copies!

The album "Yeah!" was equally loved by the fans as Brownsville Station were now featured in all of the rock music trades, plus major appearances on television shows like "The Midnight Special" truly made this album a go to Lp for their legions of fans across the globe.

Featuring the lead vocals and guitar of Cub Koda, Mike Lutz on bass and Henry Weck on drums, Brownsville Station continue to this day to influence generations of hard rockers. Bands like Poison and Motley Crue had their own big hits with "Smokin' In The Boys Room" as this anthem has been a hard rock crowd pleaser for decades.

More great rockers abound with their awesome cover of The Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" plus more classic power punk/pop rockers like "All Night Long", "Question Of Temperature" and "Take It Or Leave It."

Friday Music is very pleased to announce the return of Brownsville Station's classic "Yeah!" album on stunning Gold Vinyl. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Poison/Alice Cooper) from the original Big Tree Records tapes, we are also presenting this super limited edition vinyl album in its classic album cover, featuring the photography of Rob Nalli and artwork by Beverly Weinstein.


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