Yes - Yesshows (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Ltd. Edition/Gatefold Cover)

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This amazing release has been out of print for over three decades on vinyl, that is until now....Friday Music is very pleased to offer the incredible Yesshows now on 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, featuring all the great Yes classics as you remember now in the audiophile domain.
Images may differ from actual vinyl colors, and product mock ups may not accurately represent actual product.

Track List

Side One:
  1. Parallels
  2. Time and a Word
  3. Going for the One
Side Two:
  1. The Gates of Delirium
Side Three:
  1. Don’t Kill the Whale
  2. Ritual (Part 1)
Side Four:
  1. Ritual (Part 2)
  2. Wonderous Stories

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